Canopy Tops For Beds

Canopy beds are a simple way to bring romance to your room. All you need is a canopy bed plan or a four poster plan to aid build the articles, or some extra drape rails to affix to the ceiling so the canopy could be hung, and some extra material to develop the canopy.

If your bed does not have attaching articles to hang the canopy from, just affix two drape rails to the ceiling inning accordance with where the bed frame is. Take the material and curtain it over the raised frame or drape rails until a canopy is developed. An ingenious choice to the canopy bed mentioned is when rings are used as opposed to drape rails.

Canopy Tops For Beds.

Hang 4 rings from the ceiling above the bed, lining them as much as the 4 edges of the bed. Use material and curtain with the rings to obtain the same canopy effect. The more material that is used to curtain, the much more magical it will certainly make your bed look. Making the material hang to the ground produces a fairy tale design to the bed.canopy tops for beds,arched canopy tops for beds,


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