Marilyn Monroe Bedroom Sets

While many styles of furnishing come and go, modern bedroom sets have been a classic part of American homes for almost a century. Since the likes of modernist designers such as Mies Van der Rohe and Le Corbusier created their first signature pieces at the dawn of the Modernist movement, the clean lines of modern bedroom sets have been much appreciated by interior designers and forward-thinking homeowners alike.

Don’t think that modern bedroom sets will create a barren, heartless sleep space. The truth is far from it. The great designs of modern bedroom sets may be clean and free of unnecessary embellishments, but its sleekness is part of its charm. It creates a bedroom retreat that is free of clutter, highly focused and extremely comfortable.Marilyn Monroe Bedroom Sets.

If some of the materials used in modern bedroom sets look familiar to you, they are only because of the groundbreaking work of the modernists who thrived on using unusual materials in new ways. This included laminates, radically bent plywood, molded plastic, fiberglass and exotic woods. marilyn monroe bedroom sets,marilyn monroe room sets,marilyn monroe bedroom set value city,


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